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Career Guidance

Earning a certificate of completion, in a technical program from Washtenaw Community College (WCC) is one of the requirements for graduation from Washtenaw Technical Middle College (WTMC). This gives students the opportunity to train their minds for the future, not necessarily choose a career for life.

To successfully train the mind and complete a certificate, students use the same process:
• Set a goal.
• Make plans to reach that goal
• Meet a high set of standards
• See something through to completion

Students will use these processes over and over in their lifetime, even if they do not pursue a career directly related to their choice of a certificate. One of the steps in choosing a certificate program is to identify one or two career pathways of interest.
The State of Michigan has identified six Career Pathways.
• Arts and Communication
• Business, Management, Marketing & Technology
• Health Services
• Human Services
• Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Technology
• Natural Resources & Agriscience

All occupations fall into one of the six Career Pathways. Jobs may change many times within a chosen pathway. Note: WCC does not offer any certificate programs in the area of Natural Resources & Agriscience.

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