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Julee Boland
Critical Thinking Instructor, Reading Specialist
Email: juboland@wccnet.edu
WCC Office: TI 214 K
Office Phone: (734) 677-5363

Ms. Boland graduated from Providence College with a B.A. in English/ Secondary Education and a M.Ed. in Literacy. She is a National Board Certified Teacher in English Language Arts. Prior to teaching at WTMC, she taught English Language Arts and Literacy in Warwick, Rhode Island.  Outside of the classroom, Ms. Boland enjoys reading, running, and spending time with her family.


Ann Broderick
Science Instructor
Email: abroderick@wccnet.edu
WCC Office: TI 214 F 
Office Phone: (734) 677-5361

Ms. Broderick has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry.  She has enjoyed bearing witness to the evolution of WTMC into an amazing school for students. Prior to teaching, Ms. Broderick worked as a chemist for an environmental firm, testing water and soil samples for metal contamination. When not teaching, you are likely to find Ann outside hiking in the woods in autumn, skiing in the winter bird watching in the spring, or sailing on a lake in summer.


Monica Cialek
Mathematics Instructor
Email: mcialek@wccnet.edu 
WCC Office: TI 214 S
Office Phone: (734) 477-8557

Monica embraces the non-traditional route of education including parochial, charter, and home schooling.  After graduating college with a teaching certificate and teaching high school math for one year, she switched to the automotive engineering field where she worked until starting a family. When the time came for each of her four children to choose a best-fit secondary education,  they all chose WTMC despite having very different goals.  After becoming the parent of WTMC students, Monica, too,  joined the staff of WTMC in 2009 where she continues to customize educational experiences for her math students and BASE students.  Every summer she paddles 100 miles on the Au Sable and  backpacks and hikes and grows far too many tomatoes with her husband. 


Jim Cockels
Email: jcockels@wccnet.edu

Mr. Cockels earned his undergraduate degree from Michigan State University and his master's in school counseling at Wayne State University. His dedication and commitment to the counseling profession will benefit the students he serves. 

During his free time, Mr. Cockels can be found traipsing through the woods at light speed on a mountain bike or stream-side with a fly fishing pole in hand.   As the snow begins to fall, Mr. Cockels enjoys speeding down mountains or trudging through forests on skis.  When not enjoying the therapeutic benefits of being outdoors, he'll be in the wood shop, creating heirloom quality pieces using traditional joinery techniques or fireside with a thought-provoking book.


Katie Glupker
English Instructor
Email: kaglupker@wccnet.edu 
WCC Office: TI 214 S
Office Phone: (734) 677-5255

Ms. Glupker began her teaching career in the International Baccalaureate Program at an international high school in Shanghai, China. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in education, both from the University of Michigan. She joined the WTMC faculty in 2009. Ms. Glupker is a writer, a teacher consultant for the National Writing Project, and a Masters swimmer. Ms. Glupker is also an avid traveler – she spent three years living in Asia and visits new places every chance she gets.


Debra Grysen
Critical Thinking Instructor, Reading Specialist
Email: dgrysen@wccnet.edu
WCC Office: TI 214 H
Office Phone: (734) 973-3304

Debra Grysen earned her teaching certificate in Elementary Education and her masters in Reading K through 12. She is a certified Reading Specialist. Teaching at WTMC since 2010, Debra calls WTMC, “the perfect work setting and an awesome learning environment for students.” Having a business background, Debra earned a bachelor’s in business administration and sold pharmaceuticals for most of her business career. She was then a stay-at-home mom, during which time she went back to school and earned her teaching credentials.  Debra shares, “I look forward to going to work every day! I love my colleagues and I love the students!” 


Amanda Kuhn
English Instructor, Mathematics Instructor
Email: amkuhn@wccnet.edu
WCC Office: TI 214 Y
Office Phone: (734) 477-8506

Amanda Kuhn is a graduate of Central Michigan University, and she holds a double major in English and math for secondary education. Before joining the WTMC staff, Ms. Kuhn taught in Stafford, Virginia for several years and then taught at another middle college in Michigan. She loves being a member of the WTMC community and working with her wonderful colleagues and students.

In her free time, Ms. Kuhn enjoys reading, creative writing, going for walks or runs outside, doing improv, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.


Kyle Linford

Mathematics Instructor
Email: klinford@wccnet.edu
WCC Office: TI 214

 Mr. Linford started at WCC as a student and tutor before earning a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics education from Eastern Michigan University.  He is currently pursuing a graduate degree in mathematics from EMU.  Prior to joining the staff at WTMC, Mr. Linford taught math and art integration part time and was able to design curriculum for students to learn algebra, while exploring various modern art movements.  In addition to working as a math faculty, Mr. Linford serves as the adviser for the WTMC Math Club.  When not teaching, Mr. Linford enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading, cooking, gardening, and studying mathematics.


Alexander Long
Science Instructor
Email: ablong@wccnet.edu
WCC Office: TI 214 E
Office Phone: 734-677-5360

Mr. Long has been teaching at WTMC since 2007. Prior to joining the staff, he had the honor of spending three incredible and influential years as an educator at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum. Mr. Long is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University, where he earned a bachelor of science degree in earth science education. He is currently engaged in the pursuit of a graduate degree in earth science at the same institution. If you look closely, you might see Mr. Long paddle by in a canoe, ride past on a motorcycle, make a nearly-perfect Frisbee toss to his Labrador, hook a fish, or just sit and read a book with his two sons.


Rose Lorenz
Mathematics Instructor
Email: rmlorenz@wccnet.edu
WCC Office: TI 214
Office Phone: 734-677-5381

Mrs. Lorenz earned her BA in mathematics and music from Carleton College in 2000 and finished her MS in the Science of Instruction from Drexel University in 2011. Prior to coming to WTMC, Mrs. Lorenz taught math and coached soccer at the Culver Academies and at Greenhills School. Outside the classroom she enjoys running, cooking, quilting, and felting. She also loves exploring the world with her two young boys, particularly in northern Michigan and her hometown of Juneau, Alaska.


Mona Moorman
Teacher Consultant
Email: mmoorman@wccnet.edu 
WCC Office: TI 214 D
Office Phone: (734) 677-5211

Mrs. Moorman received her master's degree from the University of Michigan, Rackham School of Education. This is Mrs. Moorman's fourth year at WTMC. Prior to WTMC, Mrs. Moorman was a resource room teacher and co-teacher in American Literature in the Plymouth - Canton Community Schools.  Mrs. Moorman has served as a supervisor of special education student teachers for Eastern Michigan University. Additionally, Mrs. Moorman is a published writer of fiction and poetry.  She is an avid reader of new fiction by women writers, enjoys running and spending time with her family and two dogs.


Carli Pacheco
English Instructor, Reading Specialist
Email: cpacheco@wccnet.edu
WCC Office: TI 214 X
Office Phone: (734) 477-8709

Mrs. Pacheco holds a bachelor’s degree in English and secondary teaching from the University of New Mexico and a master’s degree in reading from Eastern Michigan University. Prior to joining the WTMC staff, Mrs. Pacheco taught for Ypsilanti Public Schools and Plymouth-Canton Community Schools.

During her thirteen years of teaching, she has taught English and reading at both the middle and high school levels.  One of Mrs. Pacheco’s favorite things about teaching is building relationships with students so that she can help them have a positive educational experience. In her free time, Mrs. Pacheco can be found spending time with her husband and two children.  This includes many baseball games, choir concerts, practices, lessons, and other school events.  Mrs. Pacheco also loves to cook, bake, read, root for the Cubs, and complete small home improvement project.  She is extremely excited to be part of the WTMC family!


Tamika Riley
Guidance Counselor
Email: triley1@wccnet.edu
WCC Office: TI 214
Office Phone: (734) 973-3749

Ms. Riley graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Psychology, and an M.A. in School and Community Counseling. Currently, she is pursuing a PhD in Organizational Psychology. Prior to coming to WTMC in 2010, she worked as a Case Manager for Michigan Works in Detroit. Additionally, she previously worked as a counselor in different school and community agency settings in the Metro Detroit area. When she is not busy with work and school, Ms. Riley enjoys spending time with family and friends, decorating, leisure reading, and watching sports. Go Green!


Samuel Rosewig
English Instructor and program leader, WTMC Ninth Grade Academy
Email: srosewig@wccnet.edu 
WCC Office: TI 214 S
Office Phone: (734) 677-5157

Mr. Rosewig teaches with a commitment to Terence's dictum: "I am human; nothing human can be alien to me." His scholarly interests include etymology, traditional boat-building, the works of J.L. Borges, documentary theater, and the literature of adolescence. He is the founder of the award-winning WTMC ultimate frisbee team.

Mr. Rosewig has graduate degrees in education and English literature.


Elise Weber
Science Instructor
Email: elthompson@wccnet.edu
WCC Office: TI 214 Q
Office Phone: (734) 477-8556

Mrs. Weber joined the WTMC staff in 2015. She has a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Michigan with a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. Mrs. Weber is passionate about teaching science using a modeling framework, in which students work together as scientists to construct conceptual and mathematical models to explain phenomena in the natural world.  In her spare time, Mrs. Weber enjoys coaching volleyball, helping her husband -- Mr. Weber -- with the WTMC Ultimate team, and traveling around the U.S. and other countries.


James Tuttle
Mathematics Instructor
Email: jatuttle@wccnet.edu
WCC Office: TI 214 AA
Office Phone: (734) 477-8513

Mr. Tuttle earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan in 2002 and a teaching certificate from Eastern Michigan University in 2007. He comes to WTMC after teaching math and physics for 8 years at Ypsilanti Public Schools. While at Ypsilanti, Mr. Tuttle worked with colleagues both locally and nationally to develop experientially based math curriculum in subjects ranging from algebra to calculus. When he’s not teaching, Mr. Tuttle enjoys running, reading, playing 9-ball, and constructing crossword puzzles.


James Watz
Critical Thinking Instructor
Email: jwatz@wccnet.edu
WCC Office: TI 214 B
Office Phone: (734) 477-8538

WTMC is Mr. Watz’ fourth teaching post. He previously taught middle school social studies for two years at Honey Creek Community School in Ann Arbor. Prior to that, he taught for four years at the Kaohsiung American School in southern Taiwan. His responsibilities there included teaching history and geography, as well as Psychology and Theory of Knowledge in the IB Diploma Program. Mr. Watz started off his career at a large public middle school in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he taught history and geography for five years. He has also coached volleyball and cross country. He is a two-time graduate of the University of Michigan. In his spare time, Mr. Watz loves spending time with family, running, playing guitar, singing in choir, cooking, and reading.


Noah Weber
Critical Thinking Instructor
Email: noweber@wccnet.edu
Office Phone: (734) 677-5367

Noah Weber is an Ann Arbor native and two-time graduate of The University of Michigan. After receiving his undergraduate degree in English, Mr. Weber returned to the U of M School of Education to earn his teaching certificate along with a Master’s in Secondary Education. He taught for one year at a large, urban middle school near Baltimore, Maryland, before returning home to join the faculty at WTMC for the 2012-2013 school year.

Mr. Weber believes that learning lies primarily in the interactions and relationships between students, teachers, and the surrounding community. As a graduate of Ann Arbor’s Community High School, Mr. Weber brings the experience of being a student in a non-traditional school environment to help him work with his students as an instructor at WTMC.

Mr. Weber’s academic interests are in English, History, Civics, and Environmental Studies. Outside of the classroom, Mr. Weber is an avid sports fan and martial arts practitioner. Mr. Weber is the head coach of the WTMC ultimate team.


Drew Zemper
Science Instructor
Email: dzemper@wccnet.edu
WCC Office: TI 214 A
Office Phone: (734) 477-8552

Mr. Zemper started at WCC as a student and biology lab technician, and feels that he has come full circle being a new WTMC science teacher. He is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in science for biology and chemistry. After EMU, Mr. Zemper attended the University of Michigan for his master’s in education. Mr. Zemper also teaches college biology for WCC and has prior teaching experience in Detroit and at a neighboring middle college in Adrian, MI.

When Mr. Zemper is not teaching he can be found spending time with his family, riding his mountain bike, or checking on his bee hives. Mr. Zemper loves the outdoors and believes that getting students outside is an important component to many of the sciences.


Eli Zemper
English Instructor
Email: ezemper@wccnet.edu

After Eli Zemper graduated from the University of Michigan with an English and poetry degree she divided her time between facilitating at a ropes course, being a diversity educator for the Anti-Defamation League, earning a master's degree in education, and teaching in the Ann Arbor Public Schools for thirteen years. The transition to WTMC has been a delight, and getting students college ready is some of the happiest teaching moments of her career.

In addition to finding Eli and family gathering eggs from her flock of chickens and cutting greens from her raised garden beds, you are also apt to find her teaching poetry at the University of Michigan, out in the woods with a map and compass trying to perfect her orienteering or find hidden treasure, or pedaling her bike on the soft shoulder of a quiet road with her family.


Elizabeth Zimmerman
Math Instructor
Email: ezimmerman@wccnet.edu 
WCC Office: TI 214 U
Office Phone: (734) 677-5362

Elizabeth Zimmerman graduated from Michigan State University College of Education in 2003. She taught in Allen Park and Farmington before coming to WTMC in 2009. Outside of teaching, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her family and friends, running, and reading.





Karl Covert
Email: kacovert@wccnet.edu
WCC Office: TI 214 M
Office Phone: (734) 973-3410

Dr. Covert holds a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England. He has worked in Education for the past 32 years as a teacher, counselor and administrator.  Dr. Covert studied and held positions in Belgium, Germany, Delaware, England and Maine. He has spoken and written on educational change, student voice and instructional initiatives.

In his free time he likes to travel, cook, and read.  You may find him around town picking out his vegetables at the farmer’s market, watching a University of Michigan game or playing in a local park with his son. 



Madeline Frederick
Director of Educational Services and Information
Email: mfrederick@wccnet.edu
WCC Office: TI 218 B
Office Phone: (734) 677-5044

Ms. Frederick came to WTMC in October of 2007, after 12 years as a program administrator for JVS, a large non-profit organization in metro Detroit. Prior to that, Ms. Frederick worked as the Adult Education director for Elyria Schools in Ohio. In addition, she has taught college reading, math and study skills classes at community colleges in both Michigan and Ohio. She is very pleased to have joined the WTMC team and enjoys the opportunities to contribute to the WTMC mission.

As Director of Educational Services and Information, Ms. Frederick is responsible for all state reporting for pupil accounting and school data, and for ensuring that WTMC's data in PowerSchool is accurate and complete. In her leisure time, Ms. Frederick enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading and researching on such topics as organic gardening and herbs, watching independent films and spending time in the mountains of North Carolina.


Carole Pause
Director of Special Projects
Email: cpause@wccnet.edu 
WCC Office: TI 218 A
Office Phone: (734) 973-3376

Carole Pause is the Director of Special Projects and WTMC's Records Clerk. She is responsible for student records, including transcripts and immunizations. She also coordinates student admission, enrollment, graduation, and standardized testing. She has a degree in business education from Bowling Green State University.

After a couple of years of teaching, Ms. Pause discovered that her true talents lie in the administrative field. She had worked as an administrative assistant in both manufacturing and the retail companies before coming to WTMC. She joined the staff at WTMC in the summer of 2006.

When she is not at WTMC, Ms. Pause likes to spend time with her husband and two kids as they visit museums, explore Michigan, and travel to Ohio to visit extended family and do some hiking. She also relaxes by enjoying media in various forms: reading, watching TV and movies, and surfing the web.

Ms. Pause is happy to be in the educational field again, enjoys the challenges her job presents, and believes in WTMC for the educational choice it gives students who want a challenging alternative to the traditional high school.


Pat Sahakian
Administrative Assistant
Email: psahakia@wccnet.edu
WCC Office: TI 214 A
Office Phone: (734) 973-3410

Pat Sahakian has been an administrative assistant with WTMC since 1998. She began her connection with WTMC as a parent volunteer in the office during the first year of WTMC's existence in 1997. She has a degree in elementary education from the University of Michigan (1969). Ms. Sahakian served on the Manchester School Board for twelve years.

In her spare time she enjoys her family, journaling, photography, hooking rugs and traveling. She has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, rafted through the Grand Canyon and sailed to the Galapagos. She is always ready for the next adventure.

Mrs. Sahakian loves helping students and parents with their WTMC experience. She considers being a part of WTMC a marvelous privilege because it gives students an exciting educational choice within the public school system.


Christine Williams
Administrative Assistant
Email: chdiwilliams@wccnet.edu
WCC Office: TI 214 Z
Office Phone: (734) 477-8543

Christine came to WTMC in August, 2015. She spent 12 years at Domino's Pizza Inc. World Headquarters working with Security, Corporate Operations and Training as an executive administative assistant, department coordinator and trainer. She most recently spent the last 13 years managing the Great Harvest Bread Company in Ann Arbor.

In her spare time she enjoys volunteering, spending time with family and friends, traveling and attending sporting events. Christine considers herself very fortunate to be a part of the WTMC family, and looks forward to helping students and their families.

































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