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Dean's Message

Changing societal needs, economic trends, and new technological advances continue to transform the face of education. This translates into new educational models, practices, and delivery systems. The unique program at Washtenaw Technical Middle College (WTMC) is targeted to meet the evolving challenges of this climate as well as the desires of a select group of goal-oriented high school students in Washtenaw and the surrounding counties.

Satisfying the academic needs of our students requires a very progressive, student-centered approach. Three fundamental areas have become the cornerstones of our success: we consistently emphasize rigor, relevance, and relationships throughout a student's tenure. In regard to rigor, we challenge students to be successful in a college environment. We support them in meeting and exceeding the Michigan Merit Curriculum, completing college-level coursework that will earn them an associate's degree and/or a technical certificate. We also work with students to create a program of study that is relevant to their individual interests and meaningful to their ultimate goals. We offer over sixty different associate degrees and certificates to students. Finally, the third pillar in our model is relationships. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to helping students build a close support system so they can successfully navigate their college experience. Each student has a BASE advisor who guides and supports his or her program of study.

We are proud of WTMC, the first middle college in Michigan, and are always eager to share our merits with potential students and their parents. If you are interested in learning more about us please come visit or call us at (734) 973-3410.

Karl Covert, Ph.D.
Washtenaw Technical Middle College

Washtenaw Technical Middle College
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