WTMC - Washtenaw Technical Middle College

Our Story

Program description

Washtenaw Technical Middle College provides educational opportunities far beyond the traditional high school. Students in the program experience full-time college coursework on the campus of its chartering agency, Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan. All WTMC graduates complete either an associate degree or a technical certificate in a career area.

Since 1997, WTMC has served students from across southeastern Michigan. The middle college approach to education emphasizes skill development, rather than credit completion. We teach both the hard (academic) and soft (life management) skills that all students need in college. Operating independently on a college campus requires WTMC students to be adaptable, self-directed, and responsible.

Student Body

As a Public School Academy (PSA) WTMC welcomes any applicant who wishes to attend starting in ninth-, tenth-, or eleventh-grade. WTMC's percentage of minority students mirrors the county average, and the school serves students with a diverse range of backgrounds, ethnicities, interests, and needs.

The current WTMC population is made up of students representing over 30 different school districts spread over six different counties.

Academic Advantages:

WTMC requires each graduate to: (1) transition from high school level course work to full time college level course work, (2) complete a set of core 100-level academic courses with a grade of C or better and (3) complete either a technical certificate or associate degree at the college. Our students on average earn a B+ (3.39) grade in their college courses, and the majority (75 - 80%) of WTMC graduates complete an associate degree with their high school diplomas.



Washtenaw Technical Middle College
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